Facial Rejuvenation with Botox® and Juvederm®

Diamond Spring Dental Associates offers facial cosmetic treatments at our convenient Denville, NJ location for patients who want to rejuvenate their appearance. We use several modern rejuvenation methods, including Botox® and Juvederm®.  You can treat your total appearance and save time by allowing Diamond Spring Dental Solutions to erase those worrisome wrinkles and lines while we also attend to your cosmetic dentistry needs.

Facial rejuvenation treatments are very safe and affordable. Typically, a cream with local anesthetic is administered, and an injection is delivered with an ultra-thin needle in small doses (typically 1-2 cc’s). These injections disrupt nerve signals to the muscles. The muscles then are allowed to relax, permitting the wrinkles to smooth out. Repeated treatments provide for more prolonged results, extending the time between injections.

Reasons for Considering a Facial Rejuvenation Treatment:

  • Excessive facial wrinkles.
  • Large wrinkles in your forehead.
  • Small wrinkles (crow’s feet) around your eyes.
  • A “frown line” between your eyebrows.

Men and women of all ages are investing in themselves and their futures through Facial Rejuvenation treatments. These short treatments can significantly reduce facial wrinkles and skin folds while adding volume, smoothness and a more youthful appearance to the facial area. Brow and smile lines are lessened, allowing your skin to maintain a relaxed and refreshed appearance. Facial rejuvenation treatments may also include lip enhancement and facial contouring.

Botox® remains the most popular aesthetic procedure in the United States for several consecutive years with more cosmetic treatments performed than all surgical and non-surgical procedures combined! Botox®, along with other facial rejuvenation treatments (highlighted by “facial fillers” such as Juvederm®), are the primary aesthetic procedures used to enhance one’s facial appearance today. You will see results within days, and the treatment can last up to four months.

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