Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can close a gap left by missing teeth. Made of one or more false teeth in a row, bridge work is often attached to abutment crowns on either side of the gap. At Diamond Spring, our team offers many varieties of bridge work, so ask about your options during your prosthetic consultation. Reclaim your full smile and your confidence with natural-looking bridgework from Diamond Springs Dental Associates. We cater to patients in Denville, Mountain Lakes, Parsippany, Boonton, and the surrounding areas. We also offer dentures and dental implants to restore smiles.

Why is bridge work important?

We always recommend the replacement of missing teeth, even if it is just a few teeth, for various reasons.  Having your teeth replaced with dental bridges can restore your smile and can help give you back your positive self-image and confidence in interacting with other people.  Dental bridges can also restore your ability to chew food properly and eat without restriction and will help you speak properly without slurring.  Missing teeth can cause the configuration and shape of your face to change and dental bridges will help prevent that and maintain the shape of the face.

Dental bridges also help distribute the force created by chewing food that was localized before to your remaining teeth.  We also recommend the replacement of missing teeth with dental bridges to avoid the shifting of position of your remaining teeth towards the gap that was created.

What is a dental bridge procedure like for patients in Denville, NJ?

The first phase of the installation of a dental bridge is the preparation of the abutments that will anchor your dental bridges.  For patients who have the adjacent teeth intact and healthy, your dentist will prepare these by filing them to prepare them to receive the dental bridge.  Patients who do not have sufficient tooth structure to support dental bridges are recommended to get dental implants to securely hold the dental bridge.  Once the tooth for the abutment is ready, a dental impression will be made and this will be sent to our dental laboratory in Denville, NJ for fabrication of your dental bridge that is composed of artificial teeth fused to dental crowns.  A temporary bridge will be provided for you while this is being done.

Once the dental bridges come back from the laboratory, you will be called back in for the final phase of your treatment.  The temporary dental bridge will be removed and will be permanently cemented to the two abutment teeth or dental implants on both ends of the dental bridge.

With proper care, dental bridges can last a long time.  They will require the same care that you give your natural teeth and should be brushed regularly and flossed at least once a day.  We also encourage you to come in for regular dental visits so that your dentist can properly clean your dental bridges and see if they will need repair or adjustments.

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