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In some cases, you and your family may need oral surgery to regain optimal oral health. At Diamond Spring Dental we can perform your bone or skin graft, advanced periodontal treatment, gum lift, biopsy, and many other oral surgeries in our Denville dentist office. As a Diamond Springs Dental Associates patient, you and your family won’t have to see a specialist for most oral surgeries. You and your family can receive the care each of you need from the team you trust in the office where you and your family feel most comfortable.

What oral surgery procedures are available for patients in Denville, NJ?

More serious dental conditions need oral surgery and our clinic in Denville, NJ is equipped with the latest equipment for oral surgery and our team of specialists are trained and ready to help you with your oral surgical needs.  Below are some of the oral surgery procedures that we offer here at Diamond Spring Dental Associates:

  • Bone Grafting – this procedure will benefit those who have insufficient bone height to support dentures and partials.  Bone grafting involves taking a portion of your bone from another area in the body or in some cases a donated bone or bone substitutes.  This will be surgically added to the area where you have insufficient bone mass to support dental appliances for your treatment.
  • Removal of Impacted Teeth – impacted teeth or wisdom teeth often do not erupt or grow in an awkward position that affects the adjacent teeth and cause pain to patients.  The impacted tooth can be removed through surgery to avoid any further complications.
  • Bone Reshaping – during tooth extractions, there are cases when the bone becomes uneven and creates sharp areas that make it impossible for the gums to support dentures.  A bone reshaping procedure can be done to change the shape of the bones and smooth it out to make it easier for the dentures to fit.  Bone reshaping can also benefit patients who need to remove a portion of their bone to make for better fitting dentures.
  • Biopsy – during routine dental check-ups, our dentists always check for signs of any other oral ailments like oral cancer.  A biopsy can help take samples of these irregularities found in your mouth to be sent out for further testing and confirmation so that patients can have a higher chance of getting the disease treated.
  • Jaw Surgery – patients who come in for orthodontic treatments like braces sometimes need more procedures in order to correct anomalies in their bite.  It is important to have jaw anomalies corrected immediately as they may cause problems in chewing and speaking and may cause major discomfort and more serious conditions.
  • Facial Trauma – our team of experts at the Diamond Spring Dental Associates are trained to repair damage to face and the mouth caused by injuries.

We provide comprehensive restorative, cosmetic, and preventive dentistry, as well as oral surgery for patients throughout Boonton, Mountain Lakes, Parsippany, Denville, and the surrounding areas.

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