Root Canal in Denville, NJ

Contrary to popular myths, a root canal is nothing that you should fear. Modern dental techniques, precision instruments, and anesthesia options make a root canal as comfortable as any common dental procedure. In fact, some patients sleep through root canal therapy!

Our dentists at Diamond Spring Dental Associates may recommend a root canal if your tooth has incurred internal damage to the pulp or the nerve. The procedure involves extracting damaged tissue and filling the root’s canal with dental material. A root canal is an endodontic procedure that can save an irreparable tooth from extraction.

When is a root canal retreatment in Denville, NJ necessary?

We generally recommend root canal retreatments to patients who have infected tooth pulp and those who have severe damage to the tooth structure.  Root canal is an ideal treatment to save the tooth through the removal of the infected pulp and filling in the empty root canals.  Tooth extraction is always our last option and root canal is very effective in helping us in this endeavour.

There are a few symptoms that you should look out for that can mean that you have an infected tooth pulp.  Feeling severe or unbearable pain when pressure is put on the teeth and having tooth sensitivity or intolerance to cold and hot temperatures might mean that you need a root canal treatment.  An infected tooth pulp also causes the tooth to be discoloured and to feel tenderness and swelling in the gums surrounding the tooth.  It is important to seek dental care when you experience any of these symptoms because if left untreated, the infection can extend to the bones and tissues surrounding the infected tooth and may lead to bone loss. 

What is a root canal treatment like for patients in Denville, NJ?

Your dentist will request a dental x-ray to determine the extent of the infection prior to the treatment.  A local anesthesia will be used to numb the area and an access hole into the tooth cavity will be created by drilling into the tooth surface.  Using root canal files, your dentist will scrape the tooth cavity extending up to the roots.  The tooth pulp and the infected tissues will all be removed and your dentist will make sure that no traces of the infected tissues are left to prevent any further damage.  The open cavity will be sealed by your dentist and he/she may recommend other dental restorations such as dental crowns to help bring back the normal appearance of your tooth.

Patients should remember that the nerves function to give you hot or cold sensation.  Taking it out will not have any effect on your overall health. 

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